GoldFinch Sounds Mp3 ( Call, Singing, Song, Training )

GoldFinch Sounds Mp3

Goldfinch is one of the most popular singing birds that are easy to raise and breed. Many people cross-breed it with Canary to produce a bird with even better Bird Sound quality. Here, we will find more about the characteristic of male and female Goldfinch, so you can buy the couple for breeding purposes. Male Goldfinch Here, … Read more

Canary Border Singing Song Mp3

Canary Border Singing

The powerful and beautiful Border canary sound is one of many things that make this canary bird popular. People also apply it to many bird contests. This little guy also has won many of those contests. Now, are you interested in getting one? Here, we have several things you should know before you get this bird. … Read more

Spanish Timbrado Canary Singing Song Mp3

Spanish Timbrado Canary Singing

Are you planning to add your canary bird collection with Spanish Timbrado canary? You may get interested in this bird because of Spanish Timbrado canary’s sound. However, you may have a problem without proper knowledge about this bird. So, here, we will tell you the characteristic of this bird for reference before you get one. Spanish … Read more

Russian Canary Singing Song For Training Mp3

Russian Canary Singing

Small-sized birds like canaries tend to have a very active habit. It is shown on one of the canary bred, which is the Russian canary. This small and lively yellow avian is known for its small and cute size, plus its voice. Speaking about the sound of Russian Canary, there is a unique store about it. … Read more

Lovebird Chirping, Call, Singing Sounds Mp3

Lovebird Chirping

Have you been amazed by Lovebird’s sound? Then, now, you want to have it as well? That is normal. Lovebird is well-known for its beautiful sound that has a long, loud, and high-pitch singing voice. It sounds magical for some people. Now, the first thing you should know is its physical characteristic. This information will help … Read more

The Roller Canary Sound Mp3

The Roller Canary Sound Mp3

Harz Roller canary has become one of the most popular canary types today. One of the reasons is the sound of Roller Canary. Appearance-wise, you may not find this bird interesting compared to other canary types. How about its voice? Amazing Singing Ability The harz roller canary song is well-known among the canary lover community. We can even … Read more

Red Canary Training Song Mp3

Red Canary Training Song Mp3

The sound of Red Canary is indeed beautiful. That is also the reason why people love to own this bird. However, buying a red canary could be a bit tricky. Some people even fake the yellow one and sell it at higher prices. So, here are the tips to know whether the red canary bird … Read more

Canary Yorkshire Singing Mp3

Canary Yorkshire Singing Mp3

Canary is known as a small yellow bird. However, among canary breeds, there is one that has bigger stature than the other. It is the Yorkshire canary. Moreover, the sound of Yorkshire Canary is also louder, which is a perfect choice for training other canaries. Yorkshire Canary Characteristic The Yorkshire canary body length can easily reach 15-17 cm … Read more

Female Canary Singing For Your Male Mp3

Female canaries sing

A female canary bird doesn’t have a singing variation as a male one. Because of that, most canary lovers always choose the male canary as their pet. So, they can listen to their beautiful sound. However, you can use the sound of female Canary to train your male canary, so it can sing much better. During the … Read more